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Pakefield Digest – Lunch Club (PART I)

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’

Mick Howes writes – When the Brexit deal was announced recently, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen quoted from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I thought it would be appropriate to use the same phrase as I announce that the time has come for me to step down as Head Cook at Lunch Club.

The various Covid lockdowns and enforced absence from the Church Hall kitchen has given me time to reflect and take stock of how I use my leisure time in the future.

I have had an excellent team supporting me in the kitchen and front of house over ten years and some have indicated that they too may wish to finish. It is unclear what the future of the Lunch Club will be – and when it will restart and under whose leadership?

The Lunch Club team, with the exception of Simon, can be considered as ‘getting on a bit in age’ and more significantly our aches and pains are more evident – so when the kitchen is reopened perhaps a younger group could be recruited to carry on the lunch service for seniors – originally started, I believe, around 2002.

We were there when the project to install the new kitchen was conceived and then delivered and it made our lives at Lunch Club so much easier. It also helped us to maintain a top food hygiene rating and to deliver food, which our diners can trust as both good and safe.

During the ten years there have been a number of national celebrations that we have endeavoured to theme a meal around and to enter into the spirit of the occasion.

I have really enjoyed my time as Head Cook and wish our diners

‘Bon Appetit’ 

Thank you all for supporting us.



After reading the excellent article about the Lunch Club in January’s Digest, I thought readers might like to know a little more about its history.

The Club actually started in the early 1970s as a new ‘Community Project’ and was originally run by my Aunt, Mrs Elsie Kindred and her band of helpers.   At the end of the first year, it was given recognition for its community work and a trophy was presented to my Aunt and her team by the Rotary Club.

The Club has always been held on a Tuesday in the church hall and was started in order to provide elderly parishioners with a wholesome, freshly cooked, mid-day meal once a week.  In the early days, the majority of the diners were housebound and we had a loyal band of drivers who picked them up and then took them home again afterwards.

In the early days, the meat came already cooked in large trays from the Old People’s Club in Clapham Road.  One of our helpers collected it and returned the trays again afterwards.   This was served with mashed potato, peas and carrots.  The meal started with soup and desserts alternated between apple pie and custard, rice pudding and tinned fruit with cream or ice cream. Very simple menus, unlike the wonderful variety our more recent diners have enjoyed.

The Club has been a valued and worthwhile asset in our community and many helpers have worked very hard in all sorts of ways over the years to ensure that everything ran smoothly.


Anne Everitt



Mini-Christmas Tree Display

Starting on 9th December our Church put on its first ever Christmas Tree Display, but as our first we started in a small way with just 7 trees.

At the back of the church our Bellringers produced a tree showing all the different bells and even included a bell-rope or two at the base!

Then we had a tree from the Pakefield Patchers where all the decorations were beautifully crafted baubles each made of lovely Christmas designed fabrics and sewn in the…..

The childrens groups CYM decorated their own tree and added lights.

The Mothers’ Union tree featured details of all aspects of their work from Loving for Life – a marriage preparation for couples to AFIA (Away from it all holidays) for families.

Teddy Edward, a group run by Mothers’ Union had their own tree decorated

Pakefield Toddlers also had a tree with photos of their leaders and some of the children.

Finally, another adult tree in the form of Pakefield Wives who meet fortnightly on a Wednesday evening which gave details of the sorts of things they do.


Two services were held on 3rd December, the first featuring the choir made up of our CYM children and at the  second a DVD was included showing an amusing take on the Nativity from New Zealand.

Before the first service at 4pm the Christingles had been prepared



The church soon became full, with extra seats  having to be put out.


The meaning of the Christingle was explained by Trudie and later all the children went to collect their lit Christingles  which were then paraded around the church.


Everyone ended up on the steps of All Saints