Bell Ringers

We presently have 6 regular ringers at Pakefield Church and ring for weddings, and before the 10.30am service each Sunday.

If you are interested in either finding out more what bell ringing involves, or if you are an experienced ringer please contact Revd Sharon Lord on 01502 516800 or email

Pakefield has a long history of bells being rung for regular services and weddings and sometimes funerals. There are five ringers with over 40 years experience of ringing these bells most from teenage years as well as our more recent members of the band. They are good bells to ring and in the past visiting ringers have really enjoyed the experience of a lovely tower and ‘ring ‘ and proximity to the coast. As all towers we welcome visiting ringers knowing that ringing skills are a passport to joining in service ringing. If you want to learn pop along on a Sunday Morning at 10am.