Messy Church

Messy Church is a monthly time of getting messy, and making crafts while learning and exploring more about Jesus and God’s love for us. We have a different theme each time, we sing action songs, hear God’s word from the Bible and pray together. And our popular puppets always make an appearance to sing a song!  

Messy Church

Children and Youth Ministry 

This month we have started to look at the Kingdom of Heaven within our Tuesday Clubs. The children have heard the parable of the Sower and planted their own wild seeds.  We have talked about how the seed scattered on the pathways is snapped up by the crows. The seed that fell onto the rocks could not put down roots, so although full of initial Joy, they soon withered away. How about the seeds that fell amongst the thorns? Keen as they were, those seeds are soon overwhelmed by the weeds and give into their ways. They never reach their full potential. The seeds that fall onto the good soil can reap a harvest 100 times what has been sown, and the Kingdom of Heaven promises to have a mighty crop.  We made sure we planted our seeds in good soil and will watch them grow – just as we can grow with the right nurturing and love. God loves us and wants us to be a part of the plentiful harvest ahead. The parachute came out for some games in the sunshine, the tuck shop is busy, and the crafts are flowing. It is good. Messy Church was busy, and families enjoyed the time we spent together on the field. We learnt all about Esther – she was very brave. The highlight was when I accidentally left the wool bag outside, and a giant web of wool was fashioned across the field. Sporadic fun is often the best kind!

There is a lot of planning to do to get the Holiday club ready – I am extremely excited to meet our Ark Adventurers. I happen to know that there is a pretty amazing ark in construction!! Keep an eye out for the posters. The next Messy Church is on July 15th when we will have a summer party together with a picnic tea!

We will also be busy with FISH over the summer holidays, feeding families who will benefit from a home cooked meal and some company. For more info on that you can contact me.

Happy Summer!

Katey x 07818 336700