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Revd Sharon writes…….

Looking backwards as well as forwards

Facebook reminded me last week that 6 years ago I was ordained and started my curacy, that 3 years ago we moved to Pakefield, that 2 years ago the thatch was being done our our church, and 1 year ago we were sheering the sheep!

I wonder what Facebook will be telling me next year? Perhaps that we are welcoming our new Curate Becki.

Today was a significant day for Revd Becki Bensusan (Sunday 27th June 2021) as she was ordained Deacon. And so you may be wondering…

What is a Deacon?

The diaconate is one of the three historic orders of ministry in the Church: deacons, priests and bishops.

Deacons assist the Priest, undertaking liturgical, teaching and pastoral work. It is usually (but not always) seen as an apprenticeship for the priesthood, during the first year of ordained ministry.

What can a Deacon do?

They can assist the priest with Holy Communion, they can conduct Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. They lead services and preach sermons. They undertake pastoral visiting and praying with people in the community. They can also step in should a priest not be available to conduct Holy Communion by extension.

So for Becki, during her first few months she will be getting to know us and we will be getting to know her. So give her a chance to learn your names and about our community of Pakefield too. She will be learning about how to lead services, how to conduct funerals, baptisms and weddings. She will be helping with School assemblies and assisting me in the ‘behind the scenes paperwork’ that all Rectors have to do.

So if you have a question for her , don’t be shy, ask it!

I wonder what memories we will all be making this time next year?

God bless

Revd Sharon