The Digest, our Parish magazine, comes out monthly. Here is the front page from the January 2020 edition. Paper copies can be obtained from the Church.

Rev Sharon Lord writes :-

An extra day!

This year as you all know is a leap year.

Does anybody have a birthday or an anniversary on the 29th February?

Do you plan to do something really special on the 29th?

Perhaps you have never thought about it!

As a 7-year-old child I can remember being quite excited because it was a friend’s birthday, and she was having a huge party and had invited the whole school, we had a lovely time. I always think about her in leap years, as this year she can have a party on her birthday, and of course nobody ever forgot her birthday.

Do you ever pray to God to make time go more slowly, have you ever asked God for an extra day?

In the book of Joshua, we are told that he cried out to God to give him an extra day, and the sun stood still, and he was able to continue serving God. St Paul, writing to the Ephesians reminds us that our time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted…. procrastination is a wonderful waster of time!

As Christians we should have an attitude of faith like Joshua, one that says I will spend today serving God, I will ask God for the necessary time to do what he is asking me to do, and if I get an extra day I will use it to glorify God!

So, make the most of your leap day, make the most of every day!

 Blessings Revd Sharon

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