Revd Sharon Lord writes…….

As I write this, we are in a crisis regarding the Coronavirus, and life is rather different at the moment. We are meeting in Spirit, but not in person, and the time of Lent feels very real.
With Easter just around the corner, this month it would be remiss of me not to say:

Alleluia he is risen,
He is risen indeed Alleluia.

Please remember that our God is bigger than any of this, and as I look into my garden, nature is just getting on with it, the flowers are blooming the birds are singing, but as human beings we are very much stuck in Lent.

Jesus spent 40 days in isolation in the desert, praying and fasting, and at the moment that is what we need to do too.
So as I sit here, in isolation, I know that I’m not on my own, because God is with us very step of this journey that we are on,.God is bigger than this pandemic and he will see us though it
We are united not by only gathering on a Sunday but by the love of Jesus Christ.
We aren’t just church on a Sunday morning we are church 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, and this hasn’t changed at all.
So just for a moment imagine the worship and celebrations and rejoicing we can have at the other end of this!
Just as on Easter Sunday, when the disciples, found that the stone was rolled away and that the tomb was empty, Jesus is alive they proclaimed! And this is what we shall celebrate when we can open the doors of our building again!

He is risen from the Dead, Alleluia.

So may God’s Blessings be with you all at this time.