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Our Children and Family Leader writes………

The Promise of Spring

We have just witnessed potentially the warmest February on record, with temperatures prematurely waking the spring bulbs from their winter slumber, and blossoms exploding on trees. For me, Spring is the most precious time of year. The promise of new life, new growth, colour, and warmth as well as longer days and of course, beautiful bouncy, baby animals! It is a time where God’s creation shines. It is coming up to a year since Becki and I ventured to The Holy Land, in that time an unprecedented amount has changed there. I encourage you to pray for the people affected by the war, no matter which side they stand with. We discovered a reality that some people are not asking for peace, but for power – for land and a home. The Old Testament fighting just seems to be stuck on repeat. How do we break that cycle. How do we bring peace to the land that Jesus called home. The people we met were fiercely protective of their regions, their heritage and what they believed was right and wrong. We saw young children filled with mistrust for the opposition. It was a sad sight. I couldn’t quite believe that the place where Jesus had come to save us, was so torn. Yet at the heart of those streets were a people of God. A place where hope was adamantly alive. There was still joy even if you had to peel away the layers to witness it, especially in Bethlehem. As we journey towards Easter, please pray that God’s spirit rises up with new strength – renewing the Holy Land with a Love only He can bring. So, as with the promise of spring arriving – I encourage you to see the hope in all situations, even in the wars and the disruption we witness. Those spring bulbs shoot up through the bare mud. The Snowdrops do not hide under the pavement, they leave the dark and break through the cracks.

Always search for the light – and follow it.