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Revd Sharon Lord writes…….

Let me wish you a peaceful and blessed New Year for 2022!

The new year is a great time to look forward as well as backwards. 2021 was a real rollercoaster of a year, wasn’t it?  I am sure like me, you had high bits and lows bits too.

The thing about rollercoasters is that despite the ups and downs, the loop the loops, and sheer drops, despite how exhilarated or scared we might feel, we are safe in our seat, we are trapped. It may seem like a funny analogy to use for life, but it is one that is used in the Start course that some of you have just done (Gathering to Learn on a Thursday Evening) . The presenter says that life is full of ups and downs, and that none of us quite know what is around the next corner, but that with a God who loves us we can be sure that whatever life throws at us, we are doing this alone, that God is with us every twist and turn every high and low, even if we don’t notice him.

So, whilst none of us know what 2022 is going to bring, we can be assured, as we were reminded during the Advent season, that God is with us…Immanuel


Revd Sharon