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Trevor Gower writes …………….

Last month, Anne wrote for this page an article on the beauty of nature and how important it is for us to cherish it.
Recently, I read a book entitled “Wild Fell”, which is about the restoration of nature on a large hill farm managed by the R.S.P.B. at Haweswater in the Lake District. The author, Lee Schofield, was featured on B.B.C.“Countryfile” a few weeks ago.
Although we live hundreds of miles from the Lake District, some of the themes of this book apply very widely to the natural world.
Lee places great emphasis on wildflowers, so important for insects and pollinators and therefore for birds. Over-grazing by sheep on the fells in recent decades has damaged biodiversity and so a return to older mixed farming practices is desirable. Bends and “wiggles” in watercourses need to be reinstated to slow water flows and reduce flooding downstream. Planting more native trees and restoring peat bogs will help to capture more carbon and also aid biodiversity and limit flooding. We urgently need to put our environment ahead of short-term profit and material gain.

“We thank you, Father, for the beauty of all that you have made. We
thank you for the trees, for wildflowers and the flowers we grow in our gardens; for mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, the sea and the seashore. You have made so much for our enjoyment, Lord, and we give you our thanks. Amen.”