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Our Churchwarden, June writes …………….

As I sat down to write this piece, I was thinking of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations happening at the beginning of the month, this led me to look at the bible readings and vows of dedication the Queen made before and during her coronation.

Queen Elizabeth has led us with loyalty not only to us but to God and dedication for over 70 years and as we celebrate the 70th year of her coronation we pay tribute to her and thank God for her. 

In 1947 on her 21st Birthday she gave a radio address in which she swore a vow to dedicate her life no matter if it was short or long in serving the people of the commonwealth , which she has carried out unfailingly, putting all she reigns over first and her family and personal feelings second.

Such devotion was also carried out by the disciples as they left their homes to follow Jesus. They swore a vow to spread the word of the Lord throughout the lands, many travelling to far off places to face hardship, danger and even death. (Paul’s letters to the Romans/Corinthians).

Being dedicated to the Lord doesn’t necessarily need great deeds, it can be simple & easy, things we do everyday. Have you ever stopped and thought about how you serve the Lord? whether it’s being a good neighbour, arranging community events or changing the toilet roll in church! we are all serving the Lord by spreading his word of love and dedication everywhere we go. 

As Pentecost approaches Christians everywhere will be celebrating the birth of the Christian church when the Holy Spirit descended over the disciples and other followers of Jesus.

The beginning of June really is busy this year, during all the festivities whether it is jubilee parties or Pentecost services let us remember our own vow to follow Jesus wherever he may lead us.


June King