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Our Rector writes………

February is the month that we have 2 important dates in the Christian calendar.

The first: 2nd February is/was  Candlemas, the end of Epiphany, the end of the Christmas season and the date that we put the Nativity scenes away. 

This was when, Joseph took Mary and  Jesus to the temple for the purification of the mother and presentation of the baby, after 40 days, as their custom expected. It is also the day when traditionally candles are blessed in church, to remind us of Simeon’s words about Jesus:

“a light for revelation to the Gentiles,

and the glory of your people Israel.”

…and the second: 22nd Feb is  Ash Wednesday  and the beginning of Lent, which is a very different season…

It is a time when we reflect and ponder, a time perhaps to give something up or decide to do something special as part of our Lenten Discipline.

Perhaps you are planning to come along to our Lent course on Thursday evenings in church, perhaps you are planning to give something up.

Last year I didn’t read any novels during Lent , and instead used the time to read a theological book….about Lent!  The year before I added things to a box every day and donated them to charity.

This year…well I’ve not quite decided as yet…So what about you ?

God bless

Revd Sharon