Sunday Club

This will be meeting every Sunday in Church 10.30 am to 11.45 am.

Children and Youth Ministry

We have sprung into summer with a leap and a jump! End of term is always
super busy with activities and this term was no exception. The highlight for us
was the return of the end of term assembly IN CHURCH!! How wonderful to
have the whole school in church again. We sang, we laughed, we worshipped,
and we prayed. The puppets came too, with year 5 assisting Simon behind the
scenes. The theme was a continuation from our CYM groups with ‘Holiday
Hero’s’ galore. Big thanks to some of the awesome staff who were kind enough
to humour us and get dressed up – they made fantastic superhero’s! We
asked what superpowers the children would like to have to which we had
answers like invisibility, laser eyes and super strength. Then we thought about
the things that they are good at, like the kindness that they give their
friends, or the good listening skills. We can all be superhero’s, every day, The
point that we wanted the children (and adults) to take away was that you
do not need a cape to be a superhero! It was such fun!
The CYM clubs had their end of term meeting on the beach, and we got to
celebrate Marion’s birthday – which obviously meant cake! This time we
invited the parents and carers to join us, which allowed the children to go
into the sea! That was a lot of fun and we all ended up having a dip!
Looking ahead, we are off to Newday with some of our youth the first week
of August, prayers appreciated! Then we have HOLIDAY CLUB 30th, 31st

AUGUST and the 1st of SEPTEMBER. This year we are looking forward to
adventuring with JONAH! We still need a blue tent, chicken wire, blue
material, and large plastic bottles please. We will also be asking for
donations of biscuits and cake!

Have a wonderful August!
Stay Safe. Katey and team CYM