Sunday Club

This will be meeting every Sunday in the Church Hall from 10.30 am to 11.45 am apart from Holy Communion in  Church on the first Sunday of the month.

Children and Youth Ministry

CYM Roundup!

January really does feel like the longest month of the year, which makes it a brilliant time for some rest and regeneration. A time to allow your body and mind to re-adjust to the new year … and to make new resolutions. The children and youth always have some great suggestions, eat less chocolate, keep rooms tidy, study more, help around the house etc. All good suggestions, and it is great to have ambitions like these – however, how do we listen to what God wants us to do? How do we grow spiritually? As an adult it is hard to determine what we need to do, yet for the young people it all seems so obvious. “Listen to God and do what he says.” Jesus taught through the power of parables, and that is exactly what we are looking at this term. So far, we have read ‘The hidden treasure’ and the ‘The friend at midnight.’ Exploring Jesus’ parables, hearing what lessons He spoke 2000 years ago – and how they speak directly to each of us today. Making these stories relevant to here, now, and always. With the help of some fun and games, sweet treats, and crafts too!!  

Messy Church was a gentle start to the year. We made some beautiful crafts relating to our individuality known exclusively to God from before we were born. We looked at the meanings of our names, chosen by our parents, especially for us. The shared meal was pasta bake and crumble. We missed or resident Kitchen delight Ticia and pray that she has a speedy recovery.  

Toddlers on a Monday afternoon is in desperate need of some extra help. We run in term time and need people to help set up from 12.30. If you are interested, or think of anybody who might be, please contact me. It is such an important group, with babies, children, and adults all coming together. What a joy it is to spend time with the youth, children, and families. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support. 

Katey, and all the CYM Team x