Sunday Club

This will be meeting every Sunday in Church 10.30 am to 11.45 am.

Children and Youth Ministry

In the month of April, we celebrated Easter at the Church. As the weather warmed and the sky brightened, our team worked hard to provide fun Easter activities for everyone.

In April’s Messy Church- specially named Messy Easter for the season- the kids set out to find eggs hidden around the church before enjoying delectable food.

BGs, SKIPs, and SPLATs saw children celebrate Easter in a variety of different fun ways, enjoying both learning about the holiday’s religious origins and eating lots of chocolate! The penultimate week saw them playing musical games with the young leaders and receiving chocolate filled knitted chicks to commemorate the Easter season. They ended for Easter break with a great Easter party filled with games, dancing, and a fabulous retelling of the Easter story.

Since returning from the 2-week Easter break, the children had an amazing time participating in a team building activity- to reinforce the importance of working together. They also recapped all they had learnt the previous weeks like the Easter story and expanded by learning what happened to Jesus after his miraculous Easter Sunday resurrection. Hope you all had an eggcellent Easter and we eagerly await the weather and fun of the summer,

Written by our young leaders,

 Happy May Time! from Katey and the CYM Team x