Sunday Club

This will be meeting every Sunday in Church 10.30 am to 11.45 am.

Children and Youth Ministry

The new term has started well, with lots of fun being had in our groups. Our CYM theme this half term is Eco Church, utilising the resources provided by their website, we are looking at how we can celebrate and protect the environment around us. This fits in well with Creation tide and moving into Harvest. Messy Creation fell on the week that church was flooded, so we met at the church hall, and made the most of a beautiful afternoon. I made the slight mistake of not giving clear enough instructions – which leant to a few children looking particularly blue after playing with the shaving foam, which was representing the sea and sky. There were lots of happy faces though so nobody really minded. We had Macaroni cheese for dinner, and chocolate cakes for pudding – win win!

With Autumn creeping in we start to think about all the beautiful colours and fresh, crisp mornings. It also means that the nights are drawing in. Some look forward to cosy evenings by the fire, but for lots of us the thought of the cold winter is a real worry. As we know, the food banks are already busy, the uniform banks are fit to burst with need, and soon the warm rooms will be operating. It is imperative that we eradicate the need of these services. The work from eco church is a step in the right direction to achieving a better balance. Teaching our young people the importance of God’s creation, and God’s love for us, will help with this aim. Encouraging through multiple avenues including litter picks and messy church, we hope to build a better understanding of the needs in our own community. If you have any ideas of eco friendly activities please let us know! Keep an eye out for our latest activities!

September saw the official start of an exciting new service in the hall – which I will tell you all about next month!

God Bless. Katey and the CYM Team