Sunday Club

This will be meeting every Sunday in Church 10.30 am to 11.45 am.

Children and Youth Ministry

January has been all about EPIPTHANY for our children and youth clubs. For Messy Church we focused on the Wise Men’s journey following the star. The children made stained glass windows depicting the wise men, which looked especially beautiful up to the light, some are displayed in the hall. There were crowns to be made, camels painted using handprints and stars to be hung. We lit the church with stars, and everyone got to smell the awesome scent of frankincense. We even had gold bars to give away (the chocolate ones!)

The CYM clubs are continuing with their Bible Hero’s theme with the Wise Men featuring in the first few weeks of January. Learning just how important it was that they listened to the Angel who warned them against returning to Herod. How a seemingly ordinary return home literally saved us all. They suddenly shone in a new light and became a very important part of Jesus’ ministry to us right now! Concentrating on listening and praying can seem like simple everyday things … but only God knows their significance.

Sunday club is one of my favourite times of the week. The families all muck in together, learn together and share a very special fellowship that is blooming. A mum opened my eyes afresh to the work that God is doing within our Sunday Club family, and its big. It feels exciting to be a part of it, and I pray that we have ears to listen, and hearts to absorb the word of God.

FISH continues to be busy, with many families coming for a hot meal. It relies on generosity and prayer and is planting seeds of hope and love all over our town. Please continue to pray for the families who use this service, and for the people who make it all happen.

We are looking forward to our LOVE theme for February, and the hope of Spring.

God Bless

Katey and all the CYM team.