Pakefield Wives – who are we?

We are a group of women who meet on the  fourth Thursday of the month in Pakefield Church Hall, beginning at 2.00pm, unless otherwise stated.

Our aims are:

*  Promoting friendship, support and social activities for women in the local community

*  Raising funds for our charitable causes.

All women are welcome (whether or not you are a wife !)


NORFOLK BLOOD BIKES – motto – “We’ll go, no matter what” (the chosen charity for this year).   Phil Sherriff was been a biker for this charity for three years and attended our meeting on the 24th March to enlarge on the role of Blood Bikers.  Bikers are Advance Drivers, retired but wanting to give back to society on a voluntary basis and, when on shift and on call, willing to be called out any time of the day or night at weekends and bank holidays or any time, come to that, if there is a major emergency.  The NHS has its own facility for getting essential blood etc. to its destination during the weekdays.   The charity was founded in 2011 at no cost to the NHS but serves the NHS by delivering plasma, blood, donor breast milk, platelets and other medical items.   Covid was a busy time when they delivered 1,256 samples to various hospitals for analysis. 

The charity has Trustees, six committee members, 70 trained riders and 20 controllers pulling everything together.   They get in touch with the volunteers who are on call and they have ten minutes to have a quick cuppa as they become wide awake, get dressed and ready to go.   This may be a trip to a hospital, Norwich Airport to the Air Ambulance for onward transmission, or to meet other riders from another county.  The sealed blood box has to be ready to use within six hours before it degrades and donated breast milk within four hours.  On average, bikers do two shifts per month. 

The bikes can be ex police bikes as they have been well maintained but then new bikes after 80 runs.  A new bike will cost £18,000 with a warranty of three years. The charity now has 12 motor cycles, four estate cars under three years old and liveried, mostly bright yellow to be conspicuous, and MoT approved.  Each bike is fitted with blue flashing lights and has a siren, both of which are only to be used in certain circumstances.  We all went outside to look at Phil’s bike; its big and heavy with all the facilities to safely carry their precious load.

Margaret H gave Phil a donation and our thanks for his interesting and informative talk.  Sheila started the meeting with a prayer as we near Mothering Sunday and ended by reminding members that we meet again on 28th April, when the speaker will be Angela Bishop, “Washday Reminiscing”, and wishing us all a very HAPPY EASTER.