Pakefield Wives – who are we?

We are a group of women who meet on the  fourth Thursday of the month in Pakefield Church Hall, beginning at 2.00pm, unless otherwise stated.

Our aims are:

*  Promoting friendship, support and social activities for women in the local community

*  Raising funds for our charitable causes.

All women are welcome (whether or not you are a wife !)


Members walking into the church hall at our November meeting were met with a table full of decorations ready for our Christmas festivities.   At the back of which stood Gloria Honeywood, known to most members and well known for her flower arranging skills, ready to put the finishing touches to an already delightful display. We are all aware that oasis is non degradable, all of us are using up our stocks and awaiting new blocks similar to oasis made with sheep wool which will be better.

An elegant glass jug full of red baubles. On the mouth of the jug sat a small dish containing oasis, with colourful foliage and thick gold thread which can be wound around a couple of fingers to make a coil.    To this display, Gloria added white roses.

A large cream folding card with an oval aperture into which Gloria had placed a small display using greenery and to which she added red roses, very effective.

A twelve-inch ring covered in oasis with greenery, artificial apples, berries and gold cones.  A lesson on how to get candles into the oasis; three cocktail sticks placed round the bottom and sticky green tape to secure them. This display was sprayed with fake snow.    Even though this was enough to make a delightful table display, Gloria added red roses which enhanced it even more.

An oval recycled dish covered in thick red paper into which were placed two plants, a hellebore and a cyclamen.  The container was covered with polythene paper and a small piece of oasis was added with conifer and moss, this was finished off with white roses.

Four small arrangements in white ceramic containers the foliage was eucalyptus with moss on top, finished with pillar box red gerberas, green pom-pom chrysanths and white lisianthus

The biggest and final display was oasis secured in a container, a smallish tree branch on top of which was placed a sphere of oasis. No flowers this time but the decorations of fake berries, peaches with cinnamon sticks were enough.

Margaret gave Gloria a box of chocolates in grateful thanks for a great afternoon of preparing for Christmas.   Sheila added her thanks to Gloria as she had kindly gifted all the items and flowers to the group. All of the displays were raffled.

If you haven’t yet been able to provide a £1 parcel for our stall, don’t fret, these can be delivered on the morning of the Fayre which is on the 10th December, church hall, starting 1.30pm.

Our next meeting is on the 22nd December and is our annual Carol Service in church at 2.00pm, followed by tea and mince pies in hall and entertainment!

The AGM is the 26th January followed by tea and bingo!

Finally, a reminder if one was needed, that our Christmas lunch is at the Victoria Hotel 1200 noon for 1.00pm