Pakefield Wives – who are we?

We are a group of women who meet fortnightly on Wednesdays in Pakefield Church Hall, beginning at 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated, and our aims are:

*  Promoting friendship, support and social activities for women in the local community

*  Raising funds for our three charitable causes for this year –  Waveney Area Community Trust (Dial-a-Ride), East Anglia Air Ambulance and Cancer Research.

All women are welcome (whether or not you are a wife !) 

Are you familiar with the word podiatry? or how about chiropody? – more familiar isn’t it but both serve the same purpose, the care of feet. This includes the usual treatment such as ingrowing toe nails, bunions, corns, correcting foot problems relating to the way people stand and walk and so on. Ladies know full well the penalties of wearing high heeled shoes! However, many problems can be picked up during an inspection, such as diabetes, heart problems and even cancer.   Amanda Miah is a podiatrist and was at our meeting on the 4th march to explain more. However, before starting her career as a podiatrist, Amanda was in the army for several years, serving in many countries, acquiring a husband, a daughter and son along the way. Her adventures whilst serving would make an interesting talk in its own right! She is now back in Lowestoft and can be found at Riverside Business Centre. Gillian had opened the meeting with a poem and a prayer and closed it by thanking Amanda for her engaging talk and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.  

*Due to the current prevailing crisis, the meeting to be held on the 18th March was cancelled and this will apply to all events until further notice.