Weekly Notices

What is Pakefield Church?

We are a Christian family who worship God,
care for one another and the local community
and reach out to encourage others
to know Jesus and his love.

Pakefield Church is open every day from 9.00am to 6.00pm. You are welcome to come and meet with God, to enjoy the peace and quiet and to spend time in prayer.

In St Margaret’s chancel, there is a prayer station where you can sit or kneel and light a candle.

This week:

     Monday 20th January

         10.30am       Service at Hildesley Court

   Tuesday 21st January

         8.30am       Morning Prayer in Church

       12.45pm       Lunch Club

     Wednesday 22nd January

          8.30am         Morning Prayer in Church

       10.00am       Holy Communion in Church

       10.15am       Coffee morning in Hall

   Thursday 23rdJanuary

         8.30am       Morning Prayer in Church

         7.00pm       Informal Gathering in Hall        

Friday 24th January

       8.30am         Morning Prayer in Church

       9.00am         Graveyard Gardening Group

       11.00am       Funeral in Church

       6.15pm         Hour of Prayer in Church

 Saturday 25th January    

         8.30am       Morning Prayer in Church

       10.00am     PCC Away Day at St Mark’s

 Sunday 26th January

       8.00am         Holy Communion

     10.30am       Morning Worship

      4.00pm       Healing Service


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity -18th -25th January

This year’s local service will be held here in our Church

this afternoon at 3.00pm.


Please let Michelle have all contributions for the February edition by this Wednesday 22nd.

Informal Gathering all about money!

This Thursday 23rd January 2020 at 7pm till 8.30pm in

the Church Hall.

As a church we rely completely on donations, from you

the congregation and from fundraising.  The PCC has

already looked at some material (called: Giving for

Life) produced by the Church of England to help

parishes be good stewards of their income and how to

engage the whole congregation in the debate.  So, we

want to share this with the whole Church family.

Did you know that our weekly bill to keep our building  

open is about £1,616(that is per week!!) Perhaps you

give weekly, if you pay income tax do you use the white

gift aid envelopes, or give by standing order? By the

way the pink envelopes should only be used for one off

donation or by visitors. Some churches have put card

machines to make is easier for people to donate, what

do you think about this?  

There are other ideas such as encouraging an annual

review of our personal giving and of tithing or perhaps

bequeathing a donation in your will. Perhaps you have

a new and innovative idea about how we can raise

funds, perhaps you know of a grant that we can apply

for. Perhaps you have a question, whatever it is…

…come along to the hall to join in the discussion!

Joyce Baker…

…. sadly passed away recently and her funeral will be  

here in Church on Friday at 11.00am, followed by

Cremation at Waveney Crematorium at 12.00pm.

Hour of Prayer….

…..will be this Friday at 6.15pm in church. If you

     believe in prayer and want to support the ministry

     and outreach of our church then please make this

     hour a priority.

Thanks ….

… to all who contributed at the Christingle Service.

£419.17p has now been sent off to the Children’s

Society for their work with children and young people.


PCC Away Day

This will be on Saturday 25th January, with a prompt

10.00am start at St Mark’s, Oulton Broad, finishing at


70th Anniversary of Re-dedication of our Church

   A special service will be held on Wednesday 29th

   January at 7.00pm to mark this special event. If

   have any photographs or memories you wish to share

   either about rededication service or the

   rebuilding of our church building, please let Revd

   Sharon have these as soon as possible.

Do you have an emergency, or know someone who


Then what as Christians is the very first thing we can

   do about it? Pray of course! This is why we have our

   Church Prayer Chain, where your need or the need of

   someone you know and love can be brought to our

   Lord for his help and healing. Please think seriously

   about adding your name to our church Prayer Chain

   and speak to Sharon about this.

New Year Resolution…

do you want to be spiritually challenged and

energised and not just on a Sunday? Need something

in the week? Look no further, come along any

Wednesday at 10.00am to St Margaret’s for a service of

Holy Communion and bible study, then afterwards go

across to the hall for coffee, biscuits and fellowship

with friends new and old!  

Advanced Dates for your Diary  

   Friday 28th February – Lent Café begins !

Prayer Guide

 We believe in the power of prayer. Please give thanks

and pray for the following as you pray during the week.

Pakefield Church

  • For visitors to our church, who come to simply look around or to pray, that they may know God’s touch.
  • For those taking and attending the service at Hildesley Court on Monday.
  • For Sharon and all the members of the PCC at the Away Day on Saturday.


  • For those who live on Thornham Close, Tower Road and Ubbeston Way.
  • For our local MP, councillors and all those involved in the process of governing.


  • For those you know who are unwell or in hospital.

Praise and Thanks

  • For answers to prayers in our lives and those we love.


  • For the Wycliffe Bible Translators, OMF International and Tools with a Mission
  • For the United Church of Bangladesh: Archbishop Samuel Mankin.
  • For anything you have seen or heard during the past week and pray for whatever comes to mind.

(If there is anyone or anything that you would like us to

       include in this prayer list please let Revd Sharon know on 01502 516800 (day off Monday) or email: office@pakefieldchurch.com


Collect for the Second Sunday of Epiphany

Eternal Lord

our beginning and our end:

bring us with the whole creation

to your glory, hidden through past ages

and made known

in Jesus Christ our Lord.