Weekly Notices

This Week:-

   Tuesday 13th July

    9.00am              Morning Prayer in Church 

  Wednesday 14th July

     9.00am             Morning Prayer in Church

    9.45am             Holy Communion in Church

  10.30am             Coffee Morning in the Hall 

 Thursday 15th July 

    9.00am             Morning Prayer in Church    

    3.15pm             Messy Church

 Friday 16th July  

     9.00am            Morning Prayer in Church

   10.00am            Graveyard Gardening Group

 Saturday 17th July

     9.00am            Morning Prayer in Church

     2.00pm            Summer Fete

 Sunday 18th July   

      8.00am           Holy Communion in Church (BCP)

    10.30am           Holy Communion

     3.00pm            Pet Service

     6.30pm            Evening Prayer



   Wednesday Holy Communion  

   Come and join us as we continue to explore the book

   of Psalms (Psalm 123) at our 9.45am Service. A time

   to delve deeper into the text before enjoying a cuppa

   at the coffee morning in the Hall.


  Messy Church

    Continues this Thursday with a Summer Party from



 Graveyard Gardening Group

   This friendly group continues to meet each Friday from

   10.00am until 12.00pm. Please come along and help

   whether for half an hour, an hour, or the whole time

   and help with a variety of jobs, from weeding, pruning,

   gathering up leaves, strimming etc.  A warm welcome

   awaits you and coffee and biscuits (maybe cake)!    


   Summer Fete – Saturday 

    Yes, its next Saturday, and if you have not yet told your

    family, friends, and neighbours please do so!


    Bottles for the Bottle stall, please speak to Jean Wray

    at 10.30am service today or ring her on 219602.

    Toiletries – please contact Fil at the 8.00am service or

    on 511109. 

    Cakes and all things cooked needed on the day.    


   Pet Service               

    This annual and popular service will be at 3pm next

    Sunday on the church field if fine, or in church if wet!



   Murder Mystery Evening (postponed from March


   This has now been rescheduled for Saturday 7thAugust.

   If you bought tickets for this event, please call the

   Church Office on 01502 218150 (Monday, Wednesday

   and Friday 10am – 12pm) or email tgalina2@gmail.com

   with your name, contact details and the number of

   tickets you bought, and we will get back to you.


Holiday Club – 2021

   The week beginning Monday 26th July is the date of

   this year’s Holiday Club and empty washing up liquid

   bottles and blue material are needed.  Please contact

   Katey if you can help.  


  ‘Adopt a Bed’

   Have you ever thought about adopting a bed? If not

    read on!

   Each week we have been asking for help at our weekly

   Churchyard Gardening Group. Well,  perhaps you

   cannot help on a Friday morning, so you just dismiss

   the thought!  But, now, you can think again!


   What about adopting a piece of the churchyard which

   you will tend, weed etc. when you are able to? This is

   already in action in the bed to the left of the path to

   the Church (which is full of lovely colour at present).


   This could be perhaps just weeding around the outside

   of the church hall, where weeds keep trying to change

   into trees!   Or the strip along the entrance to our Hall

   carpark, or just a small area of the actual graveyard,

   say 3 or 4 of the older graves…  the list is endless.


   So, if you would be interested in helping in this way,

   just have a quiet word with Sharon and with her, you

   can choose your patch!   With many thanks.


 Advance Dates for your Diary

    Wednesday 21st July – Articles needed for Digest

    Thursday 22nd July – Mothers’ Union meeting

    Thursday 22nd July – Gathering to Pray

    Summer Café – 30th July, 6th August, 13th August

    Monday 30th August – Arts and Crafts Fayre


  Hymn numbers for those listening on CD

   Lead us heavenly Father – MP 400

   Before the throne of God above – MP 965

   You are the king of Glory – MP790

Prayer Guide

We believe in the power of prayer. Please give thanks

 and pray for the following as you pray during the week.


Pakefield Church

  • For visitors to our church, who come to simply look around or to pray, that they may know God’s touch.
  • For leaders and families attending Messy Church.
  • For all those helping at the Fete on Saturday.


  • For those who live on Merville, Monkshood Close, and Nelson Road.
  • For those who are homeless, being evicted from their homes and those living in temporary accommodation.


  • For those you know who are unwell or in hospital.
  • For Jill F, Janet Ellis, Tony, David H., Wendy Secker, and Kevin.

Praise and Thanks

  • For answers to prayers in our lives and those we love.


  • For the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.
  • For the Deanery of Sodra Lapland in Lulea, our link Diocese in Sweden and its Rural Dean, Robert Koss.
  • For anything you have seen or heard during the past week and pray for whatever comes to mind.



(If there is anyone or anything that you would like us to include in this prayer list please let Revd Sharon know on 01502 516800 or email rector@pakefieldchurch.com



Collect for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity


Creator God,

you made us all in your image:

may we discern you in all that we see,

and serve you in all that we do;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



to everyone – especially if you are visiting our Church for the first time. We hope through your visit you will know God’s blessing.


If you are a visitor and would like information, or someone to speak to, please contact Revd Sharon Lord or one of our Churchwardens (see this sheet)



  Staff Team

Rector: Revd Sharon Lord 01502 516800 (day off Monday)


Curate: Revd Becki Bensusan  curate@pakefieldchurch.com

 Church Wardens:   

June King 

Brian Jackson

Lay Reader:  Trudie Jackson  01502 587205

Hon. Assistant Priest: Revd Di Lammas

Authorised Worship Assistants:

 Anne Everitt 

Loretta Freeman 

 Part time Children and Families Worker

Mrs Katey Mills

Church Administrator: Sandra Bendall

Hall Bookings Administrator: Val Turner 01502 218150