Mothers’ Union

Pakefield Church’s Mothers’ Union meets from 2.00 – 3.30pm in the Church Hall on the third Thursday of each month. They are a friendly group of ladies (although men may also join).  They also host and lead the Living for Life course that we run as part of our marriage preparation course.  


One of the quarter days of the year is March 25th, also known as Lady Day, and it was this that was Sue’s theme for our meeting on the 21st.   Lady Day celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation and has been a significant day for Mothers’ Union since 1897 being a time of prayer and thanksgiving. The bible reading was taken from Luke – “the birth of Jesus foretold”.    The prayers were from the Mothers’ Union Prayer Book and we sung traditional hymns.

What started as a peaceful game of card bingo, turned into a bit of a farce.   For those not fully conversant with playing cards, there was a reminder of the various names of the suits in a pack and for those who still couldn’t remember the difference between a spade and a club, the latter was renamed ‘the curly thing’.   The acoustics are not the best in the church hall and Sue moved her table 3-ft nearer for those who found it difficult to hear what suit was being called.  For the same reason, there was then the problem of distinguishing between the ace or eight of curly things, or any other suit come to that, even though there was an offer to share hearing aids

It was all too much, the laughter was in danger of verging on unreasonable behaviour and, after we had calmed down, Sue soldiered on until all the prizes of a tube of smarties had been won. It was then thought prudent to have refreshments which is an opportunity to view the new (and old) greetings card21s and to choose from the bring-and-buy table to go towards raising funds.

From the seriousness of our service to the ridiculous and, although now few in number, members bond as we share fellowship and laughter.     To this end, before our meeting adjourned, we joined together again holding hands in a circle for the Blessing.

Our next meeting on the 18th April when Anna will be entertaining members with further stories of her family adventures.