Hildesley Court

Hildesley Court is a local Sheltered Housing scheme with flats and bedsits for the over 60’s. A group of our congregation visit their once a month on a Monday morning and lead a short (usually Holy Communion) service for and with the residents.hildesley-court

Hildesley Court 

Bea prepped our service this month, with the theme, R.N.L.I.

This wonderful organisation, made up of volunteers, both men and women, continue to answer calls of distress and act in emergencies. The R.N.L.I are celebrating 200 years of service, this year. There has been a programme on the media highlighting some of the incredible acts of bravery over the years.

The sea around our islands can be a very dangerous place and over the years hundreds of people have been saved from its perilous waves by the members of the RNLI.

We began with a prayer from Maggie, which led to the sharing of two lovely rousing hymns, Eternal Father Strong to Save, and Will Your Anchor Hold.

Albert read some verses from Psalm 107, ‘They That go down to the Sea in Ships.’ Jean Wray read a poem and Jean L read from Eddie Askew.

Communion was brought to use by Alan, who has now been made a Worship Assistant. Thank you, Alan, from all of us at Hildesley Court.

Albert read our closing Prayer and Alan gave us a blessing. Bea provided us with some delicious hot cross buns for our refreshments.

Our next service will be held on April 15th, all are welcome!

We wish you all a very Happy Easter, God Bless you

From the Hildesley Court Team.