In late May our Church building began to get a new roof !

First came the Scaffolders,                                           then the Scaffold….


Then came the Thatch,                                                    and then the Thatchers…..


and then the long job of replacing all the Thatch on the south side of the church began. When this is done work is also needed on the north side.

The reed comes from Southwold reed beds

    It’s now beginning of June and work is progressing well on the North side.   

          Some help was needed by the Rector –


Fantastic views from up here !



Late July nearly there…the ridge is going on nicely! 

Now the dressing has started. Nick told us that he uses hazel from Hampshire, that is hand cut to secure the straw tops, the straw is local from a farm just up the road…

Then the North Side begins….

The North Side is now being thatched and the Church looks like its having a bad hair day! Fortunately our Thatchers will be back to make it look as wonderful as the South Ridge.I

The beginning of December heralds the removal of the North side scaffolding!


Some of you may have noticed that Nick Walker our thatcher is back. He is now doing the south porch ( this bit couldn’t be done when the scaffolding was up). We are praying that the wind and rain stay away whilst it is being done.

Looks like our porch is getting a new hairdo!