Lunch Club

Lunch Club – Food for thought

What’s in your store cupboard?


Regrettably, due to the sensible C of E Coronavirus precautions, Lunch Club on St Patrick’s Day last month was cancelled – and Lunch Club will now be ‘off the menu’ until further notice.

We took the opportunity to check what was in our store cupboard – as we were not going to go in there for at least the next three months and some of the items may go past their ‘best before’ / ‘use by’ dates. As a result, we decided to send all the unopened items to the Food bank.

Similarly, with the freezer and fridge in the Church Hall, we were able to redistribute the contents allowing us to turn off and defrost both – stopping the use of unnecessary electricity.

I then thought about my own store cupboard at home. I wonder if like me you bought or were given items as Christmas presents that you did not use. I found jars of speciality jam, chutney and cheese straws amongst other products that I had forgotten about. So when you cannot find what you want on the supermarket shelves due to panic buying, using up what is already in your store cupboard might be an idea?

I spotted this on line. If you don’t have a bread maker at home, a slow cooker can cook lots of different types of meals and can even cook a loaf of bread. The dough still has to be kneaded and left to rise but that is all you need to produce a soft-crust crockpot bread loaf that proves as it cooks! You’ll just need to cook underneath a grill for five minutes at the end to give the loaf its golden crust.

If you have any good ideas about using up store cupboard left over food – let me know and we will consider sharing them with Pakefield Digest readers –