Lunch Club

Lunch Club – Food for thought

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many couples may be thinking about sharing a romantic meal, in the name of love – but wonder what to serve?

For years certain foods have been considered to be aphrodisiacs alleged to have properties that increase desire, pleasure or encourage romantic behaviour. Some say its oysters or lobster, some say it’s asparagus, others swear by steak but for many the ultimate romantic gourmet food is chocolate

I cannot find any real evidence that any aphrodisiacs work. So those foods reputed to encourage people to leap into each other’s arms with gay (and straight) abandon may instead, on Valentine’s Day, need to be supplemented by couples just being nice to each other by resorting to those old-fashioned techniques of charm and a sense of humour!

It will all be over by the time we get together for the next lunch club meal on Tuesday February 18th. The Lunch Club for seniors meets once a month at 12.45pm. in Pakefield Church Hall and costs £5 for a wholesome three course meal.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that we recently had a visit from the East Suffolk Council Food Hygiene Inspector, and he awarded the kitchen the Food Standards Agency ‘5’ rating – the top mark that can be achieved. A lot of hard work goes into keeping the kitchen clean and the paperwork in order so praise must go to everyone involved.

Bon Appetit – Head Cook Mick